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When I was 14 I was upstairs wanking off to my parents hardcore porno mags.They were filthy, and turned me into the 'Sex mad' person I am today.As I was about to come my 14 year old cousin walked into the room and caught me! he was more interested in the magazines spread out over the bed.He then showed me that he was hard too. So we both lay on the bed wanking off whilst my sister who was babysitting was down stairs.Then my cousin suggested wanking each other off, did not fancy it at first but I was sexually gone! So we did this for a while and it was superb! Filthy porn and being wanked by my cousin, and the thrill of being caught adding to the excitement.he then suggested that we Suck each others cocks like the girls in the mags. So we did this and it was wonderful. We ended up in turns of wanking, sucking, and trying to stick what cocks we had up each others arses! Not very successfully. but it was an erotic experience.Our families went on holidays with each other and we usually ended up in the same hotel room? Yes we fucked each other stupid on every occassion, and nobody noticed apart froom one night where he was sucking my cock off with his finger up my ass and I shot my cum all over the ceiling!!! It was an amazing experience but my mother came in to see what we were up too but failed to notice Cum dripping from the ceiling. We fucked each other a few more times up to the age of 17 he did try to get me to join him and others in an orgy but I declined.The only thing I could not do to him was kiss him? Suck his cock and swallow his salty cum, but I could not kiss him.He fucked off to london to live then I discovered that I had a fascination for womens underwear. Had a full time girlfriend who was awesome in the sack! But I was still insatiable. So i used to sleep in her sisters bedroom over at her house, and sniff her panties and wank myself off regularly.Until one night my girlfriend caught me dressed up in Suspenders Stockings and a G.string wanking!!! End of relationship.Another situation arose when I was 15 I had been sent into my neighbours house on a chore and there was nobody in and the door was unlocked, she was from Swansea about 37 slim not gorgeous but 'Dirty' looking.

So I had a look around and decided to check out her underwear and probaly steal a pair of her panties! Sniffed her extensive array of G.Strings and wanked off onto her carpet. Took a tiny orange G.string as a trophy. but then discovered under her bed Porno mags and a vibrator!!! Dirty slut! i thought so this turned me on even more had another wank whilst snoffing her stinking vibrator.Could just imagine her fucking herself on the bed in front of me .It was |Xmas Eve and my parents were party animals and always had around 50-70 people around they used to get on my tit! so I used to fuck off to bed with dad's porno mags and wank off all night!I am 15 at this point I had just tossed off at least 4 times when my bedroom door opened and in walked my next door neighbour ( aunties & uncles always used to try and get me to join parties)But her coming up was a very nice suprise.She asked me why I did not go , I told her and she said that she had come to give me a Xmas Kiss ( It had been an unwritten feeling between me and her that in some strange way we both fancied each other)So she gave me a kiss, it was not a kiss she shoved her tounge so far down my throat I gagged for air!!! It was fucking awesome and my wanked off sticky cock went like a little iron bar again! I could tell by the way she was looking at me and the way she eagerly stred towards my cock that she wanted me to fuck her brains out bigstyle !!!Knowing full well her husband and her were not getting on!She rubbed her hand down the quilt over my leg ! I nearlly shot my cum inside the quilt. But then you could see in her glazed eyes she really wanted too! but it was as if she came around and realised what she was doing and guilt got the better of her so she left me all alone to wank myself into a frenzied cumming session whilst sniffing her G string thinking about what could have been!!!

The good days!

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